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NLP Practitioner Certification Program – 9 Days

When: 2019

Sat Sept 14 & Sun Sept 15
Sat Sept 28 & Sun Sept 29
Sat Oct 12 & Sun Oct 13
Fri Nov 1, Sat Nov 2 & Sun Nov 3

Cambridge Suites Hotel: 15 Richmond St. E. Richmond Room, 2nd Floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada      M5C 1N2

Cambridge Suites Hotel

When: 2020: To be announced. 

I highly recommend NLP Master Trainer Elizabeth Butler. She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills that I have developed and is the only NLP Master Trainer with a Specialty in DHE. – Dr. Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler

Topics Covered

  • Behavioural integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP
  • Rapport establishment and maintenance
  • Verbal and nonverbal pacing and leading
  • Representational systems (sensory predicates and accessing cues)
  • Overlapping and translating representational systems
  • Ability to shift consciousness
  • Omni-directional chunking
  • Content and context reframing
  • Strategy detection, elicitation, utilization and installation
  • Learning faster and easier
  • Overcoming hesitation
  • Calibrating through sensory experience
  • Milton Model, Meta Model Elicitation of well-formed goals, direction and present state
  • Eliciting, installing and utilizing all sensory anchors
  • Sub modalities (including exercises of Timelines, Belief Change, Swish Patterns, etc.)
  • Accessing and building resources
  • Creating and utilizing metaphors
  • Engaging flexibility of behaviour and attitude

What are a few of the benefits of NLP in my personal life?

  • Mastering your own emotions to ensure you are responding instead of over reacting
  • Setting personal goals and staying on track
  • Greater precision and elegance with language for clearer communication
  • Improvement of personal relationships
  • More confidence and competence in all situations
  • Greater insight into yourself and your ability to change

What are a few of the benefits of NLP for my business or career?

  • Overcoming the hurdles preventing you from taking your business or career to the next level
  • Thinking better, and more clearly when making decisions
  • Getting an edge over your competition in business and increasing your profits
  • More confidence and competence in all situations
  • Improved relationship with peers, clients, and suppliers