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I met Elizabeth back in 2013 when I attended her NLP practitioner course. It was an incredible 9 days. I know I learned a lot even though I don’t remember much now, it improved me on a very deep level. The one thing I do remember is, within the few months after the course I had people tell me how uniquely positive and exciting my outlook on life was. It’s an interesting thing to hear people say this to you, so it stuck in my mind.

After losing contact with Elizabeth for 6 years I realized all good things fade when not nurtured. I found my self-lacking in many areas of my life. When my wife and I decided to add a second story to our house and a baby to our family, I knew I might need some help, and reached out to Elizabeth for guidance. Mainly since I was planning to do all the construction work myself.

Now 6 months into the life coaching program with Elizabeth I feel confident that I made the right decision. My life feels more balanced than ever before. Not only is the house renovation on schedule and budget. My relationship with my wife is better than ever and our baby girl is about to arrive any day.

Its incredible for someone to feel so optimistic while being in a place of potential uncertainty. Thanks to Elizabeth, her coaching program and all the planning that we have done. I now have a clear path for my future, my life, family, business, health, and happiness.

I’m no longer going through life aimlessly. Now I have a clear destination and goals to look forward to. I know that as I continue this journey I will make my life and the lives of people around me that much more fulfilled and optimistic.

Thank you for everything Elizabeth, I look forward to working with you for many years to come :)

Peter Benarek 

Working with Elizabeth Butler has been a “magical” experience and I count it as the single best decision of my life. Elizabeth cleared my unconscious blocks that kept me from my life’s purpose and she helped me create a blueprint for success that continues to propel me forward. Thanks to Elizabeth, I can now say that I am living the joyous life I want to live.

Jeffrey Gignac

I took Elizabeth Butler's NLP Practioner program and it was the best decision I've ever made. Elizabeth has taught me to look at life from a positive perspective and through that learning, I have changed my thought process and I'm a happier person. I recommend Elizabeth as she's extremely caring and honest and will be there with you every step of the way.

Raj Rakkar 

Self improvement and coaching have become very popular and therefore have become big business. There are a lot of philosophies and ideas out there and it's very easy to become overwhelmed. I have been fortunate to have Elizabeth guide me through this maze of ideas. She has a way of cutting through the needless fluff and gets you focused on clear goals and logical ACTIONS to achieve those goals. She has inspired me so much that I have even become a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner myself.

Phil Nero 
Fan Mail

Love it!!Was such a great intensive course, WOW 9 days with Elizabeth Payea Butler learning the skills of an NLP Practitioner and using them right away was amazing!!"Okay now let me expand. I have added to my training the amazing NLP Practitioner Certification Program* at NLP Possibilities With DHE, which is directed by Elizabeth Payea-Butler, a highly skilled and respected worldwide, Master Trainer of NLP with a Specialty in DHE. My official NLP Practitioner certification comes from the Society of NLP with the society seal, and signed personally by Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, and creator of DHE who takes a personal interest in knowing who his trainers are training in NLP.Elizabeth does more than simply teach this program, she has also put into place a monthly NLP practise evening, a few NLP Adventure Days, and the fun NLP Spa Days. These are only for the graduates of NLP Possibilities With DHE, and Elizabeth attends every event. Her previous graduates are always welcome to call her, and she makes time in her busy schedule for coffee chats. I am so glad I found this

Sergio Hiram

When I was looking to study NLP. I discovered Elizabeth Payea-Butler and NLP Possibilities With DHE in Toronto, Canada. Elizabeth came so highly recommended by the Society of NLP, that I flew from Tokyo, Japan to learn from the best. The experience was truly life changing, returning to attend the NLP Master Practitioner Certification with NLP Possibilities With DHE was an easy decision for me. Elizabeth is one of the finest Master Trainers of NLP in the world, and the bonus is that she has a specialty in DHE (Design Human Engineering). She inspires each of the participants to excel in all areas of life and continues to be available for them many years after the training program completes. I have never met another trainer with the passion and dedication that I experienced with Elizabeth Payea Butler. Today and forever I will recommend Elizabeth Payea Butler, and NLP Possibilities With DHE to everyone looking to study and experience NLP.”

Dean Charles
Tokyo, Japan

I want to thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I have learned so much and know that I will be having many successes because of your help. I have and continue to recommend any and all of the trainings being offered by NLP Possibilities With DHE to my friends, clients, and associates. Thank you so much Elizabeth for teaching me NLP skills, that I will be able to use for a lifetime

Sue Lacher
author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love

I highly recommend NLP Master Trainer Elizabeth Butler. She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills that I have developed and is the only NLP Master Trainer with a Specialty in DHE. – Dr. Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler